Buy The Dip Capital

At BTD Capital, we create alpha through a principled combination of technical and value-oriented analysis.

We Buy The Dip

When other investors sell-off their positions, we have the unique ability to remain level-headed, and buy the dip.

Recession, Bull Market, Bear Market, Friday Before Fourth of July Market – We’ve seen it all. Technology, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Retail – It doesn’t matter the sector.

We. Buy. The. Dip.

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We can merge any two companies, easy. You know the “Will It Blend” guy? Yeah, like that but companies.


Estate Planning

You got money? You got heirs? We got you. Looking to skirt tax regimes across the globe? We got you fam. Say no more....


Doesn’t superannuation just sound dope? You betcha, and it can do more than just that. It can help you avoid,...

Business Advisory

Are you dumb as rocks? Like you can’t even figure out what GAAP stands for? Well, we’re here for you buddy....


BOOOOORRRRINNNNGGG! Right? So true. But accounting is unfortunately necessary. So we got some nerds to do it for us.

Tax Filing

Death & Taxes, am I right? Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em? Crazy, but you gotta...

Our Difference

With experience across thousands of hours of market conditions, we’ve seen every market situation. While other investors panic, our unique ability to buy the dip is what sets us apart from the competition.

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